How and Why Celebrities Are Choosing Twitter

Twitter is a hip and cool way to share personal information. Think of it as a bulletin board you can access from almost anywhere, that forwards your posts to those interested. In technical terms, Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that works on text messages up to 140 characters long.

Where Twitter shines is how it keeps users updated. If a user subscribes to another user’s tweets, “following” in Twitter lingo, they get those updates forwarded to their receiving device of choice as the tweets happen. This means that a large number of Kristen Bell Reveals How She And Dax Shepard Went From No Sparks To Madly In Love people can keep track of one person. What obviously comes to mind are celebrities. Celebrities have people who want to know their every move and mood, and Twitter allows for that. Celebrities on Twitter can keep fans updated on their careers, or just happenings around them.

Some celebrities on Twitter use it to promote their work, concerts, movies, et cetera, while others feel no shame about sharing their personal lives with their followers. Most commonly, the tweets that followers ask for are places and doings, so they can catch real-life glimpses of their idols or know more about the people behind the screen. Digital stalking, some might say, but it doesn’t seem to bother some celebrities.

Some celebrities on Twitter are Ashton Kutcher, Stephen Fry, Al Gore, and Coldplay. Some celebrity Twitter accounts are actually used as points of information release, like Britney Spears’s account managed by her PR team, and CNN’s Twitter account for breaking news dissemination. This is great for those who want the news on latest happenings, concerts, and public appearances. In a way, it becomes Twitter marketing for those who use it as such.

Be careful though, as some apparent celebrities on Twitter may not be the genuine thing. The strange but not quite unexpected thing about this is that when you are a celebrity, people are bound to copy your name because of sheer idolatry, to feeling more popular than they actually are, or worse, to consciously misinform followers.

If you plan to follow a celebrity on Twitter, you do some research into whether the account is authentic or a poser’s. A simple guideline would be to see how many followers the account has, and how many people the account is following. Real celebrity Twitter accounts usually have many followers and follow few people.

Some celebrities reveal sides of themselves through twitter you would not have known otherwise. This can be the appeal for some followers, who want to know about the person and not the character. Some celebrities turn out to be normal people off-screen, caring for people close to them, loving their families, having pet peeves and bad days. Sometimes, the more human and the more normal a celebrity is in real life, the more people love them since the celebrity is a “real” person. Celebrities on Twitter, it turns out, are just human.

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